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"I was constantly bloated and my hands and feet were constantly swollen. I was put on a one week cleansing program to flush out the toxins in my body with the help of a nutrient program by Hopmark Health Nutrition. I am now aware of the causes of my bloating and swelling."

Inis 40


My name is Ala Hopmark I am a clinical nutritionist and have undertaken several nutritional diplomas From UK based Nutrition college. I have fresh knowledge about health and nutrition and my responsibility is to help you as private individual or a company, to equip you with knowledge, guidance, motivation and support to reach your goals towards long term health and well being.

 I offer several services that may be suitable to your need. Please take a look at my services. If you have any questions or concerns I am happy to hear from you and I will do my best to guide you towards a better healthier lifestyle.

"Hopmark Health Nutrition helped me discover that I am intolerat to milk and yeast. I was always getting stomach pains after eating foods containing milk and yeast. Now, I am aware of what to eat and I have gradually increased my fruit and veg intake and feel much healthier and happier." Sara Tchangara 18

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"I was dealing with menopause. Hopmark Health Nutrirtion helped me with a healthy nutrition program and excersze program. I am very happy with my progress"

Jane 54

" I had a cholestrol problem due to my unhealthy eating. Hopmark Health Nutrition advised me to follow a specific nutrition and excersize program to maintain my health. I am aware of what to eat and cholestrol free. 

Ahmed 32

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