The Concept of Nutrition

A healthy body depends on healthy organs. Nutrition is very important for day to day action. Its essential process is to provide nutrients for our cells. Healthy cells and well-nourished body inhabit healthy tissues and healthy organs.

Nutrition is the science that deals with food and nourishment to maintain a good health. There are a layout of diseases that can be caused or eased by changing in diet, that is the concern of how food is processed before is eaten and the way our body uses food to build the body tissues or excreted. Thus studies of how nutrition can have impact of the digestion, absorption and transportation of nutrients to and from the cells and the way in which nutrients are used within the many types of body cells to obtain and maintain a healthy life for the cells in our body.


Most significant events in nutrition history when in 1908 Elie Metchnokoff  discovered the field of immunology of how the body protects itself from disease –causing organisms. Also that he as well became interested in effect in nutrition on aging and health. He studied also the human intestine and developed a theory that senility is due to poisoning of the body by the products of certain bacteria. He was convinced that a healthy balance of intestinal bacteria held the key to man’s general well being.

1968 Linus Pauling created the term Orthomolecular Nutrition. Pertaining to right molecule to obtain better health and prolonged life which one of them are the doses of Vitamin C. which can help the survival time and improving the healthy life of terminal cancer patients.  


The immune is important to protect us from all kind diseases of today life. Due to our food production that has changed a lot with years. Therefor healthy balance of intestinal bacteria is the key for general well being.

Vitamin C has been long the key to improve the aging, skin and boost the immune system and gives the vitality and it protects the body from diseases.


In conclusion people need to be educated to eat healthy and increase in eating raw foods. Feed our body with essential vitamins that are required and have good nutrition to maintain well balanced intestinal bacteria function