Nutrition Consultancy

This service is to provide you with the knowledge you need about your health and give ideas of how to lead your life style and built up to wards healthier body and find balance in your life.  My service includes the treatment for individuals that may suffer from some food intolerance and allergy, obesity, diabetics, cardiovascular, Cancer, rheumatoid arthritis and thyroid conditions.

My consultancy will cover the different types of nutrients such as, vitamins and help you to learn which Vitamins are good and suitable to your need; according to your condition of health or any symptoms you may be suffering from and which specific nutrients you will need to change towards a good long term health.


On our first meeting I will go through your current diet and life style and with that information I will find out what needs to be changed and what nutrients and vitamins your body will need, I will also find out  your goals and write a program plan for you. I am here for you to ask me as many questions regarding your health and it’s my responsibility and passion to guide you.  Keeping in mind, changes take three to nine months depending on your health condition.  During this period I will provide you with the support you need to achieve your goal. I also provide home visiting for individuals that prefer to be seen at their homes.

Child Nutrition

This Service will cover children whose nutrition is poor and are difficult eaters, as well as for children suffering from Obesity, Autism and ADHD.  I will cover what type of foods and vitamins would be suitable for them to build the right enzymes their body needs.


This service will be for companies, organizations and schools that want to educate and increase the knowledge about what we eat, what the meaning of nutrition is and how we can look after ourselves to prevent diseases such as cancer, obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and allergies.  


You may be looking for some advice on some specific condition regarding specific symptoms at work or in the school environment that may need to be covered such as: fatigue, allergy, mood swings etc

Sport Nutrition

This service is for those who want to have the maximum training ability. You may need to build muscles, loss/gain or maintain weight. I offer individual consultancy and organization seminars.

Food and Allergy
Correcting the immune system is important. It protects us from free radicals and toxins and enable us to cope with allergies and food intolerances to various foods that are on offer in today's lifestyle. Many of the refined and processed foods are the main cause of allergies and discomfort. If you are suffering from a skin condition, gastrointestinal or environmental allergy, I can help you adress the problem and substitute your current diet to a suitable nutrition program to eliminate or ease off your symptoms
Home Visits

I offer home visits consultancy for your conveniance. I go through your current diet habbits with you and will guide yoiu towards a scheduled healthy nutrition program for you to follow, adapt to and to establish a lifetime lifestyle that will make you confident and happy about your body and mind.