Did you know that deficiency in salt tissue minerals can affect our general health?

Did you know that deficiency in salt tissue minerals can affect our general health? What are salt tissues? Salt tissues are form of inorganic minerals, naturally composed of geological formations and it is vital for proper functioning of the body’s cellular system. This mineral is taken out from the soil and taken in into their structure and cleansed for human use. Mineral salt tissue comes in tablets form sold in Homeopathic stores. It is small enough to help to pass through the tiny opening of a cell membrane. Salt tissues are not drugs or habit forming. Tissue salts has no side effects. It can be combined with other medicines and remedies. Can be taken anytime and doesn't depend on food intake. There are 12 salt tissues that our body need. Here are some of salt tissues that are important such as Calcium Fluoride, deficiency in that will cause the skin to flake off in small particles, it cause varicose veins, and when eyes are shut there will be visible lines at the inner angle of the eye. Nutrient that consists of Calcium Fluoride are egg, beetroot, fish, watercress, whole grain rye, oysters and Kale. Kalium Muriaticum conditions the blood, it functions as cleanser and detoxifying agent, it reduces the symptom of nausea and vomiting. Magnesium Phosphate works as general painkiller, it reduces the feel of bloating, it takes away the hunger pain and it is better to be taken after meal. It eases the pain of teething babies. Ease of muscle cramps. Foods that are rich in Magnesium Phosphate are the wide range of green vegetables, beans and whole grains. Last and important salt tissue is Silica; it helps with today’s stressful life style. If you losing your hair take Silica to help you grow back your hair. Silica conditions the skin and improves the nails. Food rich in Silica are Oats, millet, Barley, Whole wheat grain and Potato. Wish you a good health

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