Benefit facts about lemon and how it is useful to our body.

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Lemon has great amount of vitamin C and Bioflavonoids. Lemon contains small amount of calcium, phosphorus, potassium and carotene. It is acidic and can be used as substitute for vinegar in the kitchen.

Lemon juice is antiseptic and is a home remedy for many disorders, particularly for cold and flues. Lemon contains 22 anticancer compounds including naturally occurring in limonene (present in lemon oil) its oil slows down the growth of the cancer tumor and the flavaonol glycosides which stops cell division in cancer cells.

Lemon destroys the intestinal worms, it also strengthen the blood vessels by the vitamin bioflavonoids that it is in the lemon. Lemon is a good treatment for high blood pressure.

The vitamin C in lemon used as anti-Ageing compound. Lemon juice works as a facial mask, facial cleansing and as deodorant for underarms. Also lemon is good for nails. Put a few drops of lemon into bowl with luck warm water place your fingers for few minute before manicure.

Fresh lemon juice added in large glass of water drinking in the morning it will help bowel movements and get rid of waste and help with regulatory. It also works as a great liver detoxifier and its alkaline forming in the lemon helping restoring body’s pH level. Lemon is used to eliminate kidney stones and aid digestion.

You should avoid eating lemons from restaurants as they may contain bacteria. Always use fresh lemons and consume quickly and make sure you wash the lemons before use.

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