The benefit of exercising

Our ancestors walked miles, exercised vigorously in their daily life, and were fit and lean. They had a cycle of days of intense activity and exercise interspersed with days of relaxation. Modern humans live incredibly sedentary in comparison we need to be physically and mentally active if we are to be healthy. Our bodies start to break down when we become sedentary with stiffness, lethargy and obesity. Regular vigorous exercise is normal for humans it is abnormal to be sedentary.

The benefit we get from exercise that helps us to maintain our weight loss over long term, increases resting metabolic rate, improves strength and stamina, improves muscle tone, improves joint flexibility and suppleness, Strengthens back muscles and eases back pain. Strengths heart muscle, Improves digestion, Helps reduce food cravings and regulates appetite, increases energy and reduce fatigue, Helps you sleep better, lowers blood pressure, Reduces the risk of osteoporosis and increases bone density, Improves insulin and blood glucose mechanism.

Walking long walks three times a week will improve your level of fitness and increase your mental and physical wellbeing. Getting involved in exercises that include stretching, cardiovascular or aerobic workout and resistance training is even better for long term wellbeing. Individuals that have a sedentary life style, they need to start gradually and motivating themselves into a routine of fitness.

There is no need to be member in the gym, making exercise interesting as well as more effective by varying your activities. Taking walks, trying up and down stairs until you can’t manage and other step, also three minutes of extremely vigorous exercise once or twice a week will help improve fitness. Cycling, swimming, yoga simple stretching will do as well. Dancing is very good for the emotional wellbeing and it is a good stress relief exercise. Eating correctly that will result in weight loss, but exercise will help you keep the weight off long term. Exercise improves the sensitivity of cells to insulin, so that insulin is able to get glucose into the muscle cells for energy rather than storing it as fat. Eliminating refined sugar and regularly exercising will balance insulin metabolism and you will be able to lose weight and reduce your risk in developing type 2diabetes. Exercise is stress buster by moderately increase the level of exercise can leave you feeling calmer and in control and it gives you a feeling of confidence.

Wish you a good health

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